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Highlight your ads with

With the auto-renew service automatically upload your ad to the top positions and appear as HIGHLIGHTED .

Each time your ad renews itself, a credit is consumed and credits can be purchased (applicable taxes included).

If you are interested follow these steps:

Step 1 to highlight your ad
Sign in to your account and purchase the credits that will allow you to highlight your ads using one of the available payment methods.
Step 2 to highlight your ad
In the list of your ads click on "Renew", right next to the green arrow, in the ad that you are interested to highlight.
Step 3 to highlight your ad
Choose the frequency with which you want your ad to self-renew.

Please note :

  • To avoid spending credits in times when there are not so many users connected to the page, the system does not auto-renew between 00:00 and 09:00, unless you select otherwise.
  • The manual renewal of your ads every 24 hours is still FREE.
  • Using this service increases the chances of success of your ad but does not guarantee it. If you want to succeed the offer must be competitive.
  • If the ads are deleted, the service stops automatically. It can also be stopped manually.
  • The hiring of the self-renewing service does not exempt from the fulfillment of the conditions of use. So even if an ad is featured, if it breaches the rules, it will be deleted.
  • Credits expire at 120 days from purchase.
The goal of this tool is to allow users who need to give more visibility to your ad can highlight it without having to repeat it. This will improve the quality of the page for the benefit of all. So even if an ad is featured, if it breaches the rules, it will be deleted.
Publish and renew daily is and will continue to be FREE